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Rob Lee is a social media speaker, trainer and strategist based in the UK. He helps businesses and individuals to understand and develop a meaningful presence on social media. He specialises in helping businesses and individuals to build a meaningful presence on Snapchat and Instagram. 
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Snapchat and Instagram for Recruitment | Snapchat and Instagram for Brands | Social Media for Personal Brand Building | 
Snapchat for Tourism | Social Media Team Training
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Philip Calvert, Social Media Sales Trainer 
"If you're a tourism professional you should hire @RobLeeRL, his #SnapChat expertise is worth its weight in gold" 
Mark Watson, SAHA
"Rob has the ability to transform a brief from a half conceived vague notion into a perceptive and well argued vehicle for positive change. I have observed Rob to be an outstanding trainer who is equally at home presenting compelling ideas to professionals and executives as he is at inspiring sceptical young people to become authentic social media content providers. Rob’s insights have been truly invaluable to our business." 
Hannah Kennedy, Brand Manager DF Mexico
"(Rob) brings great ideas to the table and numerous case studies which really inspired me to come up with my own creative content. He has helped with the launch of our account, and helped develop campaigns and strategies that we can use. I would most definitely recommend Rob's training and consultancy skills to any other brands thinking about getting onto Snapchat" 
Mike Stenhouse, Inside Property Investing
"Rob recently hosted a private seminar for our property mastermind group where he shared a number of key insights into how we could better utilise social media as property investors and developers. With a specific focus on 'going live', it was clear that Rob is a real expert in the areas of growing and engaging with a relevant audience for our businesses" 
Julian Edwards, Virgin Trains
I can safely say this was one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended. Rob and Stuart made the day not only entertaining but very informative too – Both of them really know what they’re talking about when it comes to social media and/or recruitment. I’d recommend this workshop to any company looking to take their social media and recruitment process to the next level
Mary Stealey, Network Hygiene
Rob encompasses all the qualities one hopes for in a keynote speaker and addressed our current business needs fully throughout his delivery. Rob had a genuine heart to bring out the best in each of us and his presentation style was friendly, focused, knowledgeable and relaxed. He definitely met our expectations, inspiring and motivating all those attending.
Brendan Quinn, London Property Networking Events 
"I was really impressed by Rob's presentation at my recent Property Meet particularly from a subject which I hadn't expected the audience to be so engaged with. I also had a 1 2 1 session with Rob which has given me an insight into some things which I have overlooked. I already have booked Rob to present at my meets again." 
Leila Lahfa, Plan International
"Rob converted a worldwide audience from being Snapchat sceptical to Snapchat lovers in one hour. His energy, optimism and passion was felt by all of our colleagues and has inspired them to explore the full capabilities of the channel and integrate it into their current social media strategies – mission accomplished!"
Paola Feregrino, Wahaca 
"Rob coached us in developing our Snapchat strategy from 0 knowledge to all the little details and great support. He has been a great coach and has kept us motivated and engaged throughout the training and has given us support on our first campaigns. Thank you Rob!" 
Caspar Bartington, Chartered Institute of Insurance
"Rob's approachable style and clarity helped us to understand how to maximise this new social media platform. Importantly, Rob gave us plenty of opportunities to practise and provided useful, constructive feedback at all times."  
To Make an Enquiry about Rob speaking at your event or training your team, please connect on LinkedIn or email rob@relativelinks.co.uk
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